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We make Top-Quality craft beers at our brewery in Florida, NY

At Shepherd's Eye Brewing Company, we specialize in top-quality craft beers that use our special blend of ingredients to create both classic and unique flavor combinations. From pilsners and Oktoberfest beers to IPAs and stouts, there's sure to be something in our selection of ten beers on tap that everyone can enjoy.

Taste our beer for yourself when you come to our brewery in Florida, NY.

What makes our beer special?

What makes our beer special?

During the brewing process, we give great care and attention to the chemistry of the water we use to make our beer. Similar to how the water in New York City makes it great for pizza and bagels, we believe that our water is integral to creating the signature taste of our beers. All of our beers on tap are specially formulated with this in mind, allowing us to create a truly special set of brews.

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