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How did our local brewery in Florida, NY come to be?

When we first started to brew beer, our German shepherd, Zeus, was always around, attentively watching the beer making process and providing support however he could. So, when it came time to name our brewery, we decided that there was no better thing to name it after than the watchful eye of Zeus himself. From that, Shepherd's Eye Brewing Company was born, serving quality beer and ambiance to members of the Florida, NY community.

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Meet the pack

Meet the pack

It's not easy running a brewery. You need a top-notch crew to make sure everything stays on track. Here are the brewers (and our trusty four-legged friend) that turn hops and barley into the beers we know and love:

Brian | Kari | George | Steve | Gerard | Lynzi | Zeus

Stop by today to meet the pack and enjoy beer at our local brewery.

Meet our Team